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Pearl City

We offer the best international education for students of all backgrounds, cultures and educational levels.

Changing Lives Through Education

At our schools, we make it our mission to open young minds to ideas and possibilities every day. As educators, our students’ achievements speak of our success in helping them unlock their potential as we move towards nurturing and forging their futures…. And beyond.

We Think BIG

BIG on Opportunities

GEMS International School opens up a whole new world of possibilities, paving the way for future success. Our teachers bring a holistic experience, strengthening foundation and core values that are woven into the formal and informal curriculum. Our global network delivers the best opportunities for children to achieve their dreams.

BIG on Dreams

Every child is given the opportunity to live their imagination and express their creativity while mastering skills in independent thinking though numerous hands-on projects and problem-based activities. Our private education system based on the British curriculum is designed to guide our students into pursuing their interest and achieving their dreams.

BIG on Ideas

At GEMS, our education model seeks to develop the “heads, hands and hearts” of our students. Every child in GEMS is encouraged to explore and experience the world around them, learning new ideas and expanding on the old make learning a positive experience. Meeting your child at their level allows them the freedom to pace themselves and stretch the boundaries of excellence.

BIG on Values

At GEMS, academic performance is important. However, we believe a values-based, character-defining education is of equal importance. Our education approach is expressed through our four core values: Growing by Learning, Pursuing Excellence, Leading through Innovation and Global Citizenship. Our enriched curriculum brings out the star in your child!

BIG on Passion

Redefining the standards in international and private education may seem like magic. For our educators, it’s simply the result of the GEMS education programme and a unique model for personal growth which is designed to guide every child to realise their potential and to equip them with the skills required for 21st century learning.

BIG on Basics

GEMS is dedicated to guiding children from their Early Years Foundation Stage to Primary, Secondary education (IGCSE) and up to Cambridge A Levels. Beyond academics, we prepare and empower your child grow as an individual and face future challenges. Get to know us and find out why we are perfect for your child.

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Welcome to GEMS International School – Pearl City. We welcome children of all ages and backgrounds to join us in our new learning environment, where tradition meets innovation.

Join us for a tour of our school and experience for yourself how we can be the best school for your child.

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