Meet Our Team

55 years of Excellence


We are a dedicated, qualified team of professional educators who are committed to high standards and to creating an engaging and challenging learning environment for children. Most of our teachers delivering the core British international curriculum are from the United Kingdom, or countries where English is their first language; for example, Australia and New Zealand.

Our on-going professional development programme ensures that the strategies, methods, and resources used reflect best practice standards from around the world. We firmly believe that the most effective way to improve student learning is through the process of improving teaching.

So, what makes a great GEMS teacher? As part of our teaching philosophy, our teachers:

  • Systematically develop students’ learning skills so that they become increasingly independent;
  • Use assessment to help students reflect on what they know and help them set targets for the future;
  • Use stimulating activities in well-placed lessons;
  • Create a purposeful atmosphere that promotes good learning;
  • Actively engage students in their own learning; and are innovative and creative in providing new learning strategies involving technology.
Glen Mundy-photo

Glen Mundy


BEd (Hons) degree and MSc (Geography)

Glen has over 30 years’ experience as an international educator with senior roles in countries such as the UK, Denmark, the Seychelles, Malawi, Vietnam and Spain. He joined GEMS Education in 2010 as Principal of the International School in Libya. He was previously an accreditation inspector for the European Council of International Schools (ECIS) and an IB Diploma authorisation inspector. Glen’s interest and commitment to teaching geography was recognised and he has been elected as a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.

Alison Cook-photo

Alison Cook

Head of Primary School

Postgraduate Certificate of Education, Postgraduate Diploma in Management, MEd (Culture, Language and Identity)

Alise is the Founding Head of Little Gems, Penang. Prior to coming to Malaysia, she had a similar role in Azerbaijan as well as work experience in Turkey and England. With over 20 years’ experience in education, Alise has been teaching, training teachers and working as a consultant. She is particularly interested in bilingualism and how speaking a second language affects one’s identity. Being an avid learner, her passion is to inspire children’s excitement for the world around them and develop their love of learning.

Tracy Ghomashchian-photo

Tracy Ghomashchian

Head of Secondary School

Bachelor of Arts in Applied Graphics; Postgraduate Diploma in Education; Postgraduate Certificate in Management and Leadership in Education

Claire Denise Sealey-photo

Claire Denise Sealey

Professional Development and Training Leader

MA (Ed), BSc (Econ) Social and Economic History, Postgraduate Certificate of Education

Baljit Kaur Toor-photo

Baljit Kaur Toor

Teacher, Early Years Foundation Stage / Coordinator

BA Education Studies and Advanced Study of Early Years, Postgraduate Certificate of Education

Koay Lay Shi (Lacie)-photo

Koay Lay Shi (Lacie)

Early Years Foundation Stage Teacher

Bachelor of Early Childhood Education

Rebecca Claire Gibb-photo

Rebecca Claire Gibb

Primary Homeroom Teacher – Year 1.1

MA (Hons) Primary Education

Lily Etminan-photo

Lily Etminan

Primary Homeroom Teacher – Year 1.2

BA in Electrical Engineering, MBA, International Postgraduate
Certificate in Education (IPGCE)

Aarthi Bathmanathan-photo

Aarthi Bathmanathan

Primary Homeroom Teacher – Year 2.1

BEd, Mathematics major

Sarah Catherine Davis-photo

Sarah Catherine Davis

Primary Homeroom Teacher – Year 2.2 & Key Stage 1 Coordinator

BSc Psychology (Hons), Postgraduate Certificate in Education Primary

Siobhan Keane-photo

Siobhan Keane

Primary Homeroom Teacher – Year 3.1

Qualified teacher (Primary), specialising in Religious Education and History

Emma Isobell Mullin-photo

Emma Isobell Mullin

Primary Homeroom Teacher – Year 3.2

B.Ed Primary Education with English

Emily Jemima Hallett-photo

Emily Jemima Hallett

Primary Homeroom Teacher – Year 4.1

BA (Hons) in Media Production, Postgraduate Certificate in Education Primary

Amanda Jane Grey-photo

Amanda Jane Grey

Primary Homeroom Teacher – Year 5.1

B.Ed (Hons), QTS, Certificate in Education: Gifted and Talented

Martyn Graham Stuart-photo

Martyn Graham Stuart

Primary Homeroom Teacher – Year 5.2

BSc (Hons) Primary Education

Kelly Maria Soutar-photo

Kelly Maria Soutar

Primary Homeroom Teacher – Year 6.1

BEd Primary Teaching

Sean Micheal Doohan-photo

Sean Micheal Doohan

Primary Homeroom Teacher – Year 6.2

BA Politics/Sociology, Postgraduate Certificate in Education Primary

Lee Pei Xuan-photo

Lee Pei Xuan

Teacher, Malaysian & Moral Studies

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Marine Science

Ansia Moses-photo

Ansia Moses

Teacher, Year 3

Bachelor Degree (Hons) in English Language and Literature

Michael John Sealey-photo

Michael John Sealey

ELL Teacher/KS4 Coordinator

ILM 5 Degree, ESOL – level 5 (Cambridge University), Level 3 NVQ Training and development skills assessor (City and Guilds)

Kevin Lee-photo

Kevin Lee

Teacher, English and Business Studies / Head of English

BA (Hons) Economic History and Economics

Enyo Abra Jessie Afele-photo

Enyo Abra Jessie Afele

Head of Mathematics

BSc Economics, MA Politics and History, PGCE Secondary Education

Ng Joo Kim-photo

Ng Joo Kim

Teacher, Mathematics

Master’s Degree and Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics

Siân Bradshaw-photo

Siân Bradshaw

Teacher, Secondary Science

BSc in Animal Science, MSc in Physical Science

Thomas James Davis-photo

Thomas James Davis

Teacher, Science / KS3 Coordinator

BSc (Hons) Marine Biology with Coastal Ecology, MA in Marine Biology, PGCE Science

Claire Falvey-photo

Claire Falvey

Teacher, Science

PhD (Biomedical Science), PGCEi Secondary Education

Nor Shuhada Abdul Aziz-photo

Nor Shuhada Abdul Aziz

Teacher, Bahasa Malaysia & Islamic Studies

Bachelor’s Degree in Foreign Languages

Paanimalar Boghan-photo

Paanimalar Boghan

Teacher, Malaysian & Moral Studies and Bahasa Malaysia

Bachelor of Education (HONS) in Mathematics, Master in Early Childhood Education

Nur Hasanah Jasmi-photo

Nur Hasanah Jasmi

Teacher, Bahasa Malaysia & Islamic Studies

Bachelor of English Education

Ng Xin Jing-photo

Ng Xin Jing

Head of Mandarin

Bachelor Degree in Arts (Chinese), Master of Arts (Literacy Studies)

Jordan Lim-photo

Jordan Lim

Teacher, Mandarin

Bachelor of Science (Honours), Master in Education

Tan Shiao Yuen-photo

Tan Shiao Yuen

Teacher, Mandarin

Bachelor Degree in Chinese Studies

Michell Tok-photo

Michell Tok

Teacher, Mandarin

Bachelor Degree in Education

Jayne Mundy-photo

Jayne Mundy

Teacher, English Language Learning & Social Studies

BA (Hons) of Social Science

Ajeshkumar Suresh-photo

Ajeshkumar Suresh

Teacher, Drama/Art

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Master of Fine Arts, PGDT

Ooi Rue-Wen-photo

Ooi Rue-Wen

Teacher, Music

MA (Music)

Meillia Kee-photo

Meillia Kee

Teacher, Information & Communication Technology and English Language Learning

B.A. Japanese, Diploma in Teaching, National Certificate in Business Computing, Certificate in Language Teaching to Adults

Lim Xiang Yi-photo

Lim Xiang Yi

Teacher, Malaysian Studies & Moral Studies

Bachelor in Translation and Interpretation, Master’s Degree in Education (TESL)

Sam Ghomashchian-photo

Sam Ghomashchian

Teacher, Physical Education

Postgraduate Certificate in Education

Muhammad Bazeegh Zaka-photo

Muhammad Bazeegh Zaka

Teacher, Physical Education

International Postgraduate Certificate in Education

Vri Lim-photo

Vri Lim

Teacher, Special Education Needs

Bachelor Degree in Social Science, Psychology (Hons) with minor in
Counselling, Master in Education (MEd)