Convenient, Structured Payments for an Outstanding Education

When it comes to paying school fees we want all of our GEMS parents to feel informed. In this section you’ll find out all you need to know about our school fees and how we structure payments.

You can download our 2018-2019 fees schedule here. Please don’t hesitate to contact our team for more information as we are always happy to help. 

Fee Structure

Our fees are calculated based on a number of factors. Which year group is your child in? What resources will they need? You can see how these calculations are broken down in the table below.


Year Age
Yearly Tuition Fees Termly Tuition Fees (2018-2019)
2018-2019 Term 1
Term 2
Term 2
FS1 3 21,000 8,400 6,300 6,300
FS2 4 21,000 8,400 6,300 6,300
Year 1 5 25,200 10,080 7,560 7,560
Year 2 6 25,200 10,080 7,560 7,560
Year 3 7 25,200 10,080 7,560 7,560
Year 4 8 31,500 12,600 9,450 9,450
Year 5 9 31,500 12,600 9,450 9,450
Year 6 10 31,500 12,600 9,450 9,450
Year 7 11 35,700 14,280 10,710 10,710
Year 8 12 35,700 14,280 10,710 10,710
Year 9 13 35,700 14,280 10,710 10,710
Year 10 14 39,900 15,960 11,970 11,970
Year 11 15 39,900 15,960 11,970 11,970
2nd child – 10%
3rd child onward – 15%

Early Years Welcome Package
for AY2018/2019

Tuition Fees at only RM 1250 per month*

*Based on 12-month calculation of tuition fees

Primary & Secondary
Special Admission Fee Rebate

Full Admission Fee Rebate (RM4000)

For AY2018/19 Registration before 30th June 2018

Partial Admission Fee Rebate of RM2000

For AY2018/19 registration between 1st July 2018 to 15th July 2018

Registration fee

Our registration fee is a one-off payment of MYR 1,000 and is non-refundable. It gives us the opportunity to make preparations and undertake all the administration necessary for a smooth enrolment at our private school in Simpang Ampat. This fee will be charged when you apply to GEMS International School, Pearl City.

Admission fee

Our admission fee of MYR 4,000 for Malaysian student or RM 8,000 for International student is one-off and paid together with the registration fee. We will arrange for a placement test once we have received your child’s admission application form together with this payment. It is only refundable if we do not offer a place to your child after the placement test.


A deposit of MYR 5,000 needs to be made prior to the first term. This is a one-off fee that is refundable upon giving one term’s notice to the school.

Resource fee

Our resource fee is MYR 1,000 per child, per year. This fee includes library e-book services, perishable items (art, lab and PE materials), school activities and one annual school trip.

Term tuition payments

Tuition fees are due 2 weeks before the first day of term. We will send you a tuition fee invoice to the address we have on record.

Mid-term enrolment

If your child will be joining our international school in Simpang Ampat part-way through a term, we will adjust fees based on how many full weeks remain in the term.

Additional fees

Our fees do not include:

  • meal plan and transport;
  • textbooks and uniforms;
  • special programmes or support.

For any further inquiries about our school fees or fees breakdown, please feel free to contact us or send us an enquiry.