An Enriched and Internationally Recognised Curriculum

Here at GEMS International School – Pearl City, we are proud to teach a curriculum which is taught in over 150 countries and can open doors to some of the world’s most prestigious higher education establishments – the National Curriculum for England and Wales, also known as the “British Curriculum”.

We want all our students to develop an appreciation of their culture, home or host country, as encapsulated in our maxim “Malaysia first, the world next”. To this end, we have used our extensive experience as international educators to combine Malaysian subjects and components with the British programme of learning to create an “enriched curriculum”.

Balance, creative thinking and measurability

So, what is it about the British Curriculum that makes it such a good fit for our school? What makes this internationally respected system stand out? Why is it a good fit for your child?

Balance and a wide-angle view

With a liberal approach and a wide-angle view of subjects from mathematics to history to religion, the British curriculum is perfect for giving your child a well-rounded, modern view of the world, wherever they study. The British curriculum covers all major science, arts and humanities subjects is ideal for developing well-informed students with a balanced view of the world around them.

Creativity and critical thinking

Our enriched curriculum is particularly good at teaching students to think for themselves. Our teachers work hard to encourage open debate and discussion among students, helping them to develop their own beliefs and voice their own opinions with clarity and confidence. Encouraging creativity both in artistic expression and individual thought is another cornerstone of this system.

Measurability and progress checking

The best way to keep teachers, parents and students informed about progress is to make sure that students’ achievements are monitored and clearly recorded. The British Curriculum has a very clear, detailed framework which means that everyone involved in a child’s education has a clear map of their progress, helping guide them to achieve their personal goals.


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